Taken directly from the artist's website at www.brettshuman.com:

I was born in Bloemfontein and attended school in Queenstown and Stellenbosch. I studied art at the Cape Technicon, The Cape Town Institute of Art, UCT and the Foundation School of Art before leaving for London where I worked as an animator (3-D stop-motion) for a number of years. Returning to Cape Town I continued working in animation on a number of award winning films, commercials and music videos. During that time I had two solo exhibitions at the AVA (Association of Visual Arts). I left the film industry in 2005 to concentrate on painting. 


The thing I enjoy about painting in the attempt at creating a narrative or mood around an idea. The paintings are really a collage of 'found', often iconic, images and texts put together in a way that hopefully convey and work around an idea in an original way. 

I usually start off with an image that attracts me, or at least appears to have the potential to say something about a particular issue I am interested in. I then research the idea and wait for other thoughts and images to present themselves to me. The final painting, which can take months to complete, is always very different from how I imagine it will be when I start working on it. 

I have always enjoyed looking at well composed and well crafted paintings and I try to make mine as balanced, in the classical sense, as I can.